March 4, 2024

A Marketing Blueprint For Launching Top-Selling Amazon Products.

If you’ve come to Amazon looking for a path to sustainable wealth: you’re in the right place. Amazon’s FBA services can be extremely lucrative – in fact, individual Apical clients have scaled to over $100k in monthly revenue

But a high-performing Amazon store requires a reliable marketing infrastructure. Yours can mean the difference between consistent profit or a world of underperforming products and sunk costs. 

Best practices in Amazon marketing strategy are evolving.

With the lion’s share of your initial capital being taken up by selecting, sourcing, and developing your product, it’s natural to consider trimming the fat in your marketing. 

On the surface, Amazon’s powerful built-in PPC (pay-per-click) ad campaign system  seems like a perfect fit for the price-conscious entrepreneur. A single-minded focus on PPC advertising has become standard practice in the industry, and it’s not hard to understand why.

With its audience targeting abilities, clean interface, and wealth of on-demand reporting, it may seem like the only tool you’ll need to get your products into buyers’ carts.

PPC campaigns only charge on conversion, which make them an appealing alternative for business owners who are trying to keep their marketing budget as lean as possible. 

In the past, sellers could bring in a comfortable profit through PPC marketing alone. Business owners who did not wish to design and run their campaigns directly could outsource them to a manager or agency. Even sellers with a low-end designer and few or no reviews could launch and see a profit using only PPC. 

However, the effectiveness of PPC advertising on its own isn’t what it once was. Focusing solely on information derived from Amazon’s system will not give you a clear view of market demand. 

It’s more important than ever to think about your marketing efforts as a multi-faceted ecosystem instead of a single-channel solution. 

The Amazon marketplace has changed. To understand why, you need to consider how Amazon surfaces products in its organic search. 

How the Amazon algorithm works

Amazon’s A9 algorithm works differently to similar large search engines like Google. 

Rather than relying solely on keywords, backlinks, and other traffic, Amazon prioritizes which products to display based on relevancy and conversion rates

While the keyword specificity made possible in your PPC dashboard is important, sales velocity is the ultimate driver of your Amazon product’s performance. 

In other words – if your product is selling, Amazon will make sure that it continues to sell

Understandably, this kind of momentum can no longer be generated from within Amazon. Instead, best selling e-Commerce stores have a healthy tailwind of adsexternal traffic, and ongoing promotions to feed their sales momentum. 
And when it comes to marketing momentum, Apical is nothing less than a performance powerhouse.

Behind the scenes of your Amazon marketing strategy

Here’s the strategy that goes into marketing every one of Apical’s product launches.

  1. Optimizing the listing
    This includes professional photography, multiple forms of video content, comparison charts and keywords to target the right buyers.
  2. Launching with reviews
    We proactively source reviews from product testing sites, micro-influencers, and your existing audience to make sure your new product is not overlooked.
  3. Strategic price setting
    We set and maintain a sale price that helps you gain rankings and conversions. Once your product ranks on the first page of Amazon’s search results, our team adjusts the price to maximize your profit without compromising your ranking.
  4. Iterative PPC campaigns
    Rather than the “set it and forget it” approach that most solo Amazon FBA business owners take with their campaigns, we review the performance and effectiveness of your ad campaigns on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.
  5. Driving external traffic
    By leveraging everything from deal sites to TikTok creators, we create a flow of organic traffic that Amazon rewards with a higher ranking listing.

While independent Amazon FBA business owners would need to assemble their own team for each piece of this marketing puzzle, Apical has gathered a team of experts under one multinational roof.

The Apical advantage

Apical takes a big picture view of selling on Amazon – treating your e-Commerce store like a business instead of a side hustle. 

Our international team is made up of experts in different marketing specialties  – such as product selection, ad campaigns, branding, copywriting, and photography. 

To keep things running smoothly, each Apical client has a dedicated Account Manager who liaises between the various teams working hard on your behalf and only alerts you when necessary. 

Because we are comprehensively staffed, we are able to take a professionally executed and holistic approach to marketing that PPC agencies aren’t equipped to support.  


Being number one isn’t a vanity metric. When it comes to Amazon’s search results, it’s the position that will reward you with the highest revenue. The best way to protect and recoup your capital is to launch an Amazon store with a proven marketing strategy, executed for you by a team of professionals. 
If that sounds like a service you’re interested in pursuing, let’s connect you with our team to see how we can best support your needs.