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Service: For Active Amazon Sellers

Apical is a comprehensive Amazon consulting agency committed to enhancing your brand’s presence on the Amazon marketplace through highly effective Amazon listing optimization services.

Amazon Services

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Our Service:

We are experienced and highly successful Amazon Seller Consultants who understand the Amazon Marketplace and know those special secrets to rank products on the 1st Page of Amazon search results.

With our dedicated Amazon consulting services, we ensure that we provide a fast track for sellers on Amazon, helping them avoid the initial pitfalls when starting out. Our Amazon Marketplace Consultants work with you to help streamline, manage and optimise your product sales across Amazon. We also help mitigate risk-avoiding potential costly mistakes when dealing with Amazon; we’ve ‘been there; done that’ and our clients benefit from this experience. We customise Amazon listing optimisation packages with each client ensuring you have a solution that meets all of your individual needs.

Apical All-in-One Services

Total Brand Control With Amazon Listing Optimisation

With our Amazon consulting services, we fast-track sellers, optimize sales, and minimize risks. Our experienced consultants personalize listings to rank products on the first page of Amazon search results, ensuring tailored solutions for your success.

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Streamlined Brand Management: Your Path to Success on Amazon

When we begin, we’ll set up your Brand Registry and introduce you to your account manager. Our experienced consultants will plan your content and advertising. Behind the scenes, our teams will handle logistics. You’ll receive regular updates from your Account Manager.

Maximizing Amazon Sales with Paid Advertising Options

We provide two Amazon Paid Advertising options: PPC and Display (via DSP). Paid advertising is essential for maximizing sales on Amazon due to increased competition. Our clients annually invest over £1m in Amazon advertising to ensure visibility among potential customers.

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Optimizing Amazon Listings: From Copywriting to Visual Content

Effective copywriting and optimized listings are vital for organic visibility and reduced ad costs, enhancing conversion rates. A+ content, available on Vendor and Seller Central, offers detailed product descriptions and visuals, driving sales. Our team creates tailored A+ content, while also arranging professional photoshoots if needed to meet Amazon’s guidelines.

Maximizing Amazon Visibility through Keyword Optimization

Amazon keyword optimization is vital for targeting both specific and browsing customers. We research and utilize relevant keywords to maximize search visibility. Our focus is on securing top rankings and adapting to Amazon’s rules for increased visibility and sales.

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Enhancing Brand Visibility and Sales with Amazon Stores

Amazon stores boost brand visibility with cost-effective strategies. Apical employs advanced analytics to enhance sales, crafting customized storefronts that reflect brand identity and engage customers with rich content. Navigation is optimized for easy access to desired products.

Boost Sales with Prime Delivery through FBA Assistance

Apical data shows slow delivery as a key cart abandonment factor. We offer assistance with FBA, where Amazon handles packing and distribution, meeting Prime delivery expectations and enhancing sales.

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Maximizing Amazon Sales Potential with Optimizon's Account Audits

Apical conducts account audits to boost sales potential on Amazon. With advanced analytics and skilled account managers, we translate insights into action to improve sales. Our team specializes in various analytics platforms for comprehensive data optimization.

Boost Sales with Positive Reviews: Optimizon's Expertise

Positive reviews drive sales and decrease price sensitivity. Our analytics reveal customers’ willingness to pay more for products with genuine, consistent five-star ratings. Apical helps your business attract these valuable reviews.

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Jack Danzig

1 review

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Feb 23, 2024

Great Experience!

I’ve been with Apical Consulting Inc. for 4 months now and I’m impressed!Their customer service team specifically Casey was on point! So quick to answer my questions and really helpful. It felt like they actually cared about making things profitable and timely with shipments for me, which you don’t see everywhere in other companies!

The sourcing department is also top-notch. They know their stuff, getting good quality stuff sorted out for me without any hassle and at good prices too. It’s clear they’ve got a solid network and really understand the market.

All in all, working with Apical Consulting was a breeze. They’re professional, they listen, and they deliver. Definitely exceeded my expectations.

Date of experience: November 27, 2023

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1 review

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Feb 1, 2024

My experience with Apical

I recently bought 1 product store from Apical, and it’s been fantastic! I was a bit hesitant at first, especially with the upfront cost of 30k, but it turned out to be a great decision. I chose the bronze package, which was a good fit as a small chunk of my retirement fund.

The team was super helpful right from the start. They walked me through everything and made sure I understood what I was getting into. Their customer service is top-notch, and they know their stuff.

So far the results are good – I am looking currently at my product launch and we are already at $400/day!

The team is great, the service is excellent, and the returns are decent. I’m super stoked I decided to roll the dice with this company!

Date of experience: February 01, 2024

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1 review

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Feb 7, 2024

Amazing Experience with Apical

My wife and I purchased Apical’s Platinum package about 2 years ago and currently I have 7 products in my store and averaging $147k monthly sales quite consistently might I add. Their PPC strategies and product sourcing methods are exceptional and 6/7 products were immediate winners. In fairness I was skeptical before when i signed up but Kodi has really shown he is the 8 figure Amazon seller he claims to be on Instagram.

The communication from Kodi’s team at Apical has been stellar all the way through the process. Their team is always ready to answer questions, ensuring the smooth operation for my online store.

Kudos to Kodi Brown for his dedication in building Apical’s own warehouse in Los Angeles with full end-to-end distribution model for their clients. After speaking to him multiple times throughout last year, I am continuously impressed with his hands-on approach to the business, and their constant innovations in the AI space! Thank you for changing my families life, we are forever grateful to you!

Date of experience: February 06, 2024

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1 review

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Feb 7, 2024

Eight months back

Eight months back, I took a chance on Apical’s Silver package, hoping to make some extra money alongside my finance job. The idea was to get into Amazon selling, but honestly, I was pretty skeptical at first. I knew about Kodi, the guy behind Apical, who’s big on Amazon, and I thought, why not give it a shot?

To my surprise, it really paid off. Now, I’ve got 4 products selling and bringing in about $95K each month. This blew my mind because Apical’s tips on what to sell and how to advertise worked way better than I expected. Almost all my products started selling fast, thanks to their help.

Talking to Kodi and his team was easy—they were always there to help me out. It’s been smooth running my store with their advice and support. Kodi’s even set up his own warehouse in LA, making things easier for us sellers. His focus on using new tech and making things better for his clients is pretty cool.

Looking back, I’m really thankful I tried Apical. It’s changed my financial situation more than I could have imagined. For anyone thinking about starting with Amazon, this is your sign to go for it. Kodi and Apical have been great, and I’m excited to see where this goes next. Thanks to them, I’m making good money and feeling more financially free.

Date of experience:  February 07, 2024

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Carla Bennington

1 review

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Feb 29, 2024

Growing pains, but great results to date!

Just wanted to get on here and tell you about my apical journey so far.

To start out with I have been with apical for 9 months now and it hasn’t always been smooth sailing, but let me explain ….

They as a company grew quite fast and as a roofing business owner for 35 years myself, I was moderately frustrated but understanding at the end of the day.

But to their credit, wether it was Chinese new year, or a shipping delay, inventory charge, staff turnover or a extra charge associated with perfecting my listing they always came through within 24-48 hours with stellar communication in their custom dashboard clients have access to.

Now 9 months later I have 2 products in store in the home improvement niche and ironically I have actually use them in my roofing business. Anyways to manage expectations I am at 27k a month on average in sales but am looking so scale soon as we introduce 2 more products to my platinum package! Kudos to kodi and team apical!

Date of experience: February 29, 2024

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Mary Lee

1 review

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Mar 03, 2024

Thanks to the lovely women at apical!

So the people at apical have been working with me for the past 6 months. Now they have been very good to my little flower potting brand that is my little baby! I have been dreaming about having a cute outdoorsy brand I could call my own for over 15 years.

They made a special exception with my idea and were able to bring it to life beautifully and now we are about to place our 2nd order soon, to restock, after selling out in 2 months all of our inventory!

Thanks team apical and the lovely women who I have had contact with at the company. They made me feel like family and that they truly care about my success!

Date of experience: March 03, 2024

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Who Is This For?

This is for hustlers, entrepreneurs, and dreamers who refuse to settle for the ordinary.

If you’re someone who’s not afraid to make an upfront investment for a ticket to unparalleled growth, you’re in the right place. Using the world’s largest retail site, we’re offering an opportunity to take your revenue streams to stratospheric levels.

With Apical, you’re paying not just for a service, but for an experience, a journey to owning a high-performing, custom-built Amazon store.